jayce graphic design

Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Marketing Specialist

27 years of Graphic Design and Marketing experience. I’ve worked in a number of fields and specialties, and love opportunities to expand on my knowledge and learn new things.

My recent work was 8 and a half years in Email Marketing. I worked in design and ESP development and have vast knowledge of email marketing on a number of different platforms. I’ve tested out and used just about every ESP out there, and have designed and tested sends for millions of emails.

I’ve worked for global companies as well as small advertising shops, and have thrived in all kinds of environments.



  • Marketing and Advertising Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Illustration
  • Technical and Instructional Illustration
  • Social Media Design

Previous Fields:

  • Photography
  • Technical Writing
  • Communications and Presentation Design
  • Cartography
  • Theatre Design and Program Development
  • Web Design and Layout


  • Photography
  • Digital Art and Design
  • Music Composition