On a More Personal Note

Married, dog-dad of 2 and after 8 years in Arizona it just feels like home. We bought a house in an adorable neighborhood in Gilbert and we’re slowly getting everything the way we like it.

The only boy of 4 kids, I lived all over the US during my childhood and some of my adult life. Mostly growing up in Southern California. I’m a 1980s kid and love all things 80s. In fact I still collect Transformers. I’m a musician/singer, arts and crafts fan, and a giant nerd to the core.

Rules of life:
1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
2. Everyone is my friend until they prove otherwise.
3. Don’t mess with stuff you don’t understand. Either learn first or find a person who knows a thing.

May handsome boys. Rascal and Buddy.

I used to be a Disney boy.

I love being up before the sun.

Our happy home in Gilbert.

My awesome office.

If neon was a person it would be me.

My handsome husband Cory.

Been a musical Theatre boy my whole life.